Report on the English Exchange 2022

From 12.12.2022 to 19.12.2022 we OvTG students had seven students from St. Pauls school in London visiting us for a crisp and cold but wonderfully snowy exchange week.

During the week we learned a lot from our exchange partners and also made good friends. In order to give the students as good an insight as possible into the city of Munich and its culture, a sightseeing programme was organized for them in the mornings which meant that the German students could still regularly attend school. Thursday was the only day we accompanied the English group in the morning, too, when we even went on a full-day trip to Augsburg. There, we first visited the Fuggerei and after a delicious lunch we went to the Jewish museum and synagogue.

On all of the other days, we met with our English partners downtown in the afternoons and did a range of fun things on our own after their ‘official’ programme had ended. There were some suggestions of what we could do, but it was generally up to us and our partner to decide for ourselves what we felt like doing in the evenings. We got an incredible amount of new impressions during the week and had fun together in a winter-wonderland-like Munich covered in snow. We went to Christmas markets and the Tollwood festival with our exchange partners, but also to restaurants or had a lovely evening together at one of our homes.  
Everyone got along really well with their host student. This was also because the teachers had assigned us to our partners according to our interests and character traits. And because we spent so much time together, we got to know each other better very quickly. It was really interesting to talk about life in England and not just read about it in school books.

That way the exchange week passed really fast but we still had the complete weekend to come! As there were no arrangements planned for the weekend, we partners had it all to ourselves and could do whatever we wanted. We went ice skating, went out to eat, bought souvenirs and visited Nymphenburg Castle. We also took a tour of the BMW World and went to the Olympic Park afterwards. Unfortunately, time passed so quickly and we had to say goodbye again in the morning on Monday 19.12.2022. The exchange was an enriching experience in which we could learn a lot from each other,  enjoy each other’s company and make new friends.

Our partners from England also gave us very positive feedback and are looking forward to our visit to London next summer just as much as we are.