Aktuelles aus dem Vereinigten Königreich

Kurz vor Weihnachten, am Montag, den 19.12., fand für die gesamte Q11 ein englischsprachiger Vortrag zu aktuellen innenpolitischen und außenpolitischen Entwicklungen im Vereinigten Königreich Großbritannien und Nordirland statt.

Bei der Referentin handelte es sich um Frau Louise Carleton-Gertsch – eine gebürtige Engländerin, die seit vielen Jahren in Deutschland lebt. Jede*r Kollege*in der Fachschaft Englisch kennt sie, ist sie doch Ko-Autorin bei den Lehrwerken für Englisch als Fremdsprache, die wir am Otto-von-Taube Gymnasium verwenden. Zudem gibt sie viele Fortbildungen für Lehrkräfte oder leitet Workshops mit Schülerinnen und Schülern.

Mehr Informationen zur Referentin: https://www.lcg-media.com

Hier erfahren Sie / erfahrt ihr, wie unsere Schüler:innen den Vortrag erlebten:


“The UK today”

… we had the opportunity to listen to a presentation about the current political and social situation in the UK, given by Louise Carleton-Gertsch, who immigrated from England to Germany but remains well-informed about the UK due to her connections with friends and family who stayed there. The presentation was highly informative and gave us a deeper understanding of the various cultural and political issues facing the population of the UK.

One of the most interesting topics discussed was the process of Brexit, including the history, reasoning, and challenges starting in 2016 with voting LEAVE leading up to the UK's departure from the EU in 2021. Ms Carleton-Gertsch provided a personal perspective on this complex issue, and we appreciated hearing about the challenges and successes of the process from someone who had experienced it first-hand or at least had a deeper understanding of the situation.

We were also particularly struck or rather surprised by the discussion of cultural diversity and racism in the UK, including the "Windrush generation." It was eye-opening to learn about the discrimination and injustices faced by this group, and we feel more aware of the ongoing issues surrounding racism in the UK as a result of this presentation.

Additionally, the presentation covered the division of the UK into Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England, as well as the separation of Ireland into Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Ms Carleton-Gertsch's personal perspective on these issues added depth to our understanding of the complexities of these political divisions.

Finally, the presentation touched on the monarchy and the recent transition to a new king after the death of the Queen, highlighting the potential problems this could cause for the monarchy. This was a particularly thought-provoking topic, and we found ourselves considering the future of the monarchy in a new light after hearing this perspective.

Overall, we found the presentation to be highly informative and insightful. It gave us a greater appreciation for the cultural and political issues facing the UK, and we feel more aware of the challenges and opportunities current generation of young people have to face in the country.

To end this report, we would like to repeat the ending words of Ms Carleton-Gertsch’s presentation:

You are the future!

report: Samuel Hülseberg und Sude Cakar, Q11
photographs: Jakob Klinger, Q11